Basic Rider Course

The Basic Rider Course is approximately 15 hours of classroom and on-cycle instruction conducted over a two day session. Emphases is on basic techniques as well as defensive maneuvers.  It is designed for the beginner who wants to learn to ride a motorcycle and for the experienced rider who wants to sharpen their riding skills. This course is physically and mentally challenging and students must be in good health to participate.

* The state of Texas is currently in the process of switching to a new curriculum. This change will mean that customers will need to complete an online eCourse, print the completion certificate, and bring that certifiate to class. (certificate will include: name, completion date, certificate ID#) Completion of this eCourse will take the place of the written test in the class. Some of MTC's locations have already switched. All sites across the state will be switched by the end of 2017. If you sign up for a class that requires the eCourse, your confirmation will have the information on how to complete it. Please read your confirmation and if you have any questions contact the office asap.

We provide motorcycles for this course and a helmet, if needed.

Successful completion of this course is recognized by the DPS for licensing requirements, and could qualify you for a 10% reduction in your liability insurance.

Minimum age: 15 (under 18 with parental consent and Class C driver's permit or classroom portion of Drivers Education completed).

Students must attend all class sessions and pass both the knowledge and skill tests in order to receive a Certificate of Completion.

The certificate, when presented to the DPS licensing office, allows any person with a Class C unrestricted license to waive the on-cycle test.

This course is designed as a foundation to develop basic techniques. Almost ninety-six percent of students pass the course the first time.  We cannot guarantee you successfully complete the course nor can we guarantee the safe operation of your motorcycle after completion of the course.

  • Scooter Training is the same program as the Basic Rider Course with a few modifications to accommodate the Scooter Rider.  We provide the scooters for training, or you are welcome to bring your own!  All program certifications apply for the Scooter Training as for the Basic Rider Course.