3-Wheeled Basic RiderCourse

Motorcycle Training Center offers the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's program for Trike and Spyders riders, the 3-Wheeled Basic RiderCourse (3W-BRC), in our Richardson and San Antonio locations.

MTC is working with Can Am to provide three wheel training. Please click on:


Then select the Richardson or San Antonio location to see our available classes and prices.

The 3W-BRC training consists of:
  • 4 hours of Classroom instruction and a full day outside on the riding range.
  • Spyders / Rykers are available for your use. You may bring your own trike / spyder but we do not have the ability to store it overnight.
  • Your Trike / Spyder must be registered, insured, and street-legal

Upon completing the 3W-BRC, students receive a Completion Certificate to take to the DMV, to obtain a Restricted "M" Endorsement to operate a Trike (Trike or Spyder only; not a 2-wheeled scooter or motorcycle).

Your Completion Certificate may also allow a discount on your Trike Insurance, and Discounts on purchases on gear and/or services at many dealerships.
Call us with questions; to register by telephone; or to be added to the wait-list so we notify you of our next 3-Wheeled Basic RiderCourse (3W-BRC)!